What Kind of Coffee Is Good for You?

Ah, coffee! You can hardly imagine yourself going through a day without a warm cup of coffee. Whether you’re getting your usual morning latte fix or cradling a travel mug before you clock into work, nothing hits better than a steaming cup of joe to kick-start your day.

But is coffee good for you? Let’s dive in!

Types of Coffee Beans

To answer the question, let’s check out the four different types of coffee beans. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you might’ve wondered how many types of beans there are and what makes each different. Well, we’ll answer that for you.

There are four different types of beans: Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Liberica.

Comparing Coffee Beans

Out of all of them, arabica is considered the top-quality variety. That’s because it’s known for its smooth-texture, complex flavor, and lack of bitterness. The same can’t be said about the rest because robusta is harsher and bitter, Liberica has an unusual aftertaste, and Excelsa beans aren’t as common.

But the difference doesn’t just end on taste. One study compared Robusta beans with Arabica beans and concluded that arabica improved attention and memory as compared to robusta.

The Many Benefits of Coffee Arabica

It Improves Energy Levels

Caffeine in arabica beans helps you feel less tired and improves energy levels. When you drink coffee, it’s absorbed into your bloodstream and flows to your brain, where it blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine. It also increases neurotransmitters production of norepinephrine and dopamine. These neurotransmitters help uplift mood and improve energy levels in the body.

Arabica beans also increase cognitive functions such as memory, mood, alertness, etc.

Arabica Beans Help Burn More Fat

There is substantial evidence that suggests arabica beans can improve your metabolism rate by 3-11%. Another study claims that caffeine can burn 11% of fat in obese people and 29% of fat in lean people.

Arabica Beans Improve Physical Performance

There’s a reason why athletes love coffee! There is substantial evidence that the caffeine in arabica beans stimulates your brain to break down body fat. Caffeine also helps boost epinephrine levels in your blood and breaks down body fats into free fatty acids that can be used as fuel for your body.

So, the next time you head to the gym, get your cup of joe ready!

Isagenix Coffee Has All the Benefits of Arabica Beans

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