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How do you heal your past?

And what’s the next step?

To learn all of that and more, check our our Simpleology Summary of Louise Hay’s 50-million-selling (!!) You Can Heal Your Life …

Louise Hay is best known for her massively popular efforts to bring relief to the suffering of AIDS patients, back before the disease was fully understood. This book teaches the techniques she used to give hope to the hopeless, including

  • How to permanently drive negativity out of your life
  • How to quickly dissolve limitations preventing you from wealth and success
  • The simple trick which makes affirmations actually work
  • And much more …

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Back in 2016, I got onto an airplane, everyone was looking at me and then quickly looking away. I could for that quick second see the fear in their eyes. They were thinking to themselves. “Oh . . . please don’t be sitting next to me”. When I finally found my seat and squeezed in the guy next to me asked. “I hope you bought two seats” Thats when I knew things needed to change.